Living on the edge


That’s how the guys at On the Edge stunt display team live their lives (weekends only of course!). Throughout Saturday and Sunday, this incredible display team will be wowing you and just about everyone else with death-defying feats of, well, craziness!

The team, which consists of British, European and world championship standard riders, will be riding over numerous obstacles which require a high level of skill, balance and technical control of their motorcycles… not to mention bravery; 15ft jumps up vertical walls, drop-offs and other interactive stunts will amaze and entertain you. You can find them next to the GP Paddock outside. Check the timetable for show times and set your faces to ‘stunned’.


Wall of Death

The Fox family have been touring and entertaining since the 1920s. With their vintage Indian Scouts and 20ft high vertical wall, it is a show that needs to be seen to be believed! All those who witness the spectacular performance will remember it for the rest of their life. The noise, the speed, the smell, the proximity of the bikes ridden to the top of the wall (barely six inches from the audience) it is an experience never to be forgotten!

*Entrance to the Wall of Death is chargeable.