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Bonhams Bumper Spring Sale!

The Bonhams motorcycle auction is a highly anticipated event at The International Classic MotorCycle Show, featuring a wide range of rare and historic motorcycles from around the world. The auction provides an exciting opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to acquire unique and valuable motorcycles, many of which are not often seen on the market.

Each year, Bonhams carefully curates a selection of motorcycles for the auction, with a focus on quality, rarity, and historical significance. Past auctions have included iconic motorcycles such as the 1938 Brough Superior SS100, the 1915 Harley-Davidson Model J, and the 1960 MV Agusta 500/3 Grand Prix racer.

The Bonhams motorcycle auction at The International Classic MotorCycle Show is not just a chance to acquire a rare and valuable motorcycle, but also a unique opportunity to be part of the rich and fascinating history of classic motorcycles. Whether you are a collector or simply a lover of vintage motorcycles, the Bonhams auction is an event not to be missed.


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